The Value of HIPAA compliance

The Healthcare industry has a number of legislations that must be adhered to. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is one legislation that safeguards your health information (PHI). It ensures that such information is held secured and privately. HIPAA aims at protecting the handling of your health information and relevant data by the healthcare providers and other related institutions. HIPAA also issues the guidelines to be followed in PHI data storage, handling, and access. It also outlines the charges against data mishandling and the lack of compliance of the enacted standards.

How beneficial is HIPAA to the patients and the healthcare industry?

HIPAA was initiated in 1996, with insurance coverage for persons between jobs as the primary goal. The second was tasked with the responsibility to fight fraud in the healthcare industry and make certain health information is secured. Which means making sure only authorized persons get to access the healthcare data.

HIPAA is significantly essential in the healthcare business. It has brought about several benefits to the industry. For instance, HIPAA meant a transition from paper recording to electronic data much easier. Today, health information can be recorded and stored electronically. Not to mention how it has also contributed to the streamlining of administrative functions in the healthcare industry. Thanks to HIPAA, efficiency in healthcare business has improved, the safety of health information enhanced, and data can be shared securely. Look for more facts about hosting at

How beneficial is HIPAA to patients?

 It is believed that HIPAA stands at to benefit the patients more, considering that it makes sure the healthcare providers, associates, and all other involved parties implement strategies that will safeguard patients’ data. Ideally, all the implements done and foreseen by HIPAA are mainly to protect the patient’s details and health information. Even though no facility would willingly or carelessly reveal confidential or sensitive data, HIPAA’s introduction heightens the need for cautions by the healthcare providers and associates. Failure to safeguard health information or sensitive data attracts serious repercussions.

HIPAA has enacted guidelines to control data handling and access to healthcare institutions. There are restrictions on who to access health information and what procedures should be put in place to ensure the secure sharing of the data.   HIPAA Security Suite is vital to patients who are more involved in their healthcare and would like to access their health information. Patients can get copies of their health reports, which helps them crisscross for errors and make sure they are rectified. Besides, such records will help them when seeking treatment form a new practitioner.

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